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Wheel Alignment

Computerized 3D Wheel Alignment corrects the misalignment of wheels. Each wheel should be aligned properly or it leads to vibration, pulling one sided and uneven tyre wear.


Wheel alignment improves tyre life, mileage and safety. It reduces tyre wear and saves your tyre.


Wheel Balancing is to balance your tyre and make sure that the tyre spins evenly by placing the right amount of weight.


It reduces vibration and tyre wear. It gives better comfort and smooth driving.   

Wheel Changing

Wheel Changing for two wheelers and four wheelers.


Tyre rotation is recommended to reduce tyre wear. Regular rotation helps to evenly distribute the tyre wear.    

 tyre repair

We do all type of tyre repairs. Timely tyre repair can prevent further damages to tyre.


Let us examine your tyre and do the rest.


wheel alignment pollachi

Book online to fix appointments to avoid queue and save time!

tyre care pollachi

We provide complete tyre care solutions.

We ensure quality to improves your security, comfort and tyre life.

Tyre Repair Pollachi

We do all type of tyre repairs. Let us examine your tyre and do the rest.

Test drive fo tyre service

Test drives to make sure the tyres are fit.

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